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You can pre-order your shirt by dropping by the archaeology lab (KTH B122) on Tuesdays from 1:30-3:30, Thursdays 2:30-4:30, and on Fridays from 11-1. If these times don’t work for you, send us an email at and we can arrange a meeting at another time. Remember to bring your $5 deposit! We will stop taking pre-orders on December 6th and shirts will arrive in January.

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“No, no, where are you ACTUALLY from?”

On the topic of Otherness and identity, I was linked to this funny video about people with the illness called ‘Yellow-fever’ and their perceptions of people from Asia and how ridiculous some things sound in this profound role reversal.

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Kim Kardashian’s Butt: Groundbreaking or routine?


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A recent opinion piece posted on The Grio ( highlighted Jean-Paul Goude’s recent work with Kim Kardashian and their attempt to ‘Break the internet’. Seemingly risqué endeavours done by the entertainment industry’s biggest stars often have a polarizing effect on people, particularly on Facebook (particularly my Facebook). But as people argue about the ‘historical’ nature or the morality behind this shoot, Telusma brings up important questions regarding the previous works of this photographer and his fascination with the ‘Otherness’, and how his works perpetuate the idea of exoticness and the fetishism behind it. As many people celebrate the progress of women and race relations, particularly in the last 50 years, their is a growing sense of security and overconfidence in our abilities to detect racism and sexism in our society which has resulted in a ridiculous level of complacency and sometimes denial of these issues. Hence, it is our responsibility to detect these nuanced(or in this case, blatant) examples of sexism and racism. As we celebrate the financial success of women such as Kim Kardashian who have manipulated society and have built financial empires on literally their backsides, when we consider that the interest in her body is rooted in the same curiosity that turned a woman into a museum display, we must ask ourselves who is exploiting who?

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Trying to deviate from just posting event updates and so on, I believe that the McMaster Anthropology website should also post compelling and interesting articles related to the field of Anthropology (this includes all the sub-disciplines) and also the works from individuals from our own faculty. My goal is to keep the website up to date with current events in order to highlight the relevance of Anthropology as a field in contemporary society. If you have any ideas or things you would like to showcase, message me through the website or through the McMaster Anthropology Facebook page and I’ll post it depending on whether or not it can be deemed relevant or appropriate (yes, I know pretty much censorship, but this endeavour has to be regulated to some degree because of it’s association with the school). So first off, I’d like to post a link to an awesome article by Sophie Kleeman on the Ebola outbreak and how it highlights a number of relevant concepts such as the idea of the “Other” or “West vs. Rest” and goes on how to explain how the media frames the situation around these concepts.

source: André Carrilho

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Anthropology Grad School Information Session


Hey everybody! I’m going to apologize in advance for the severe anxiety that I will cause, but it’s time to think about your future. With your impending doom (graduation), the bubble that you call undergrad will be soon torn asunder. Okay, not that serious but thinking about your future is a scary thought. If you ever considered continuing your studies in Anthropology, this event will be a great. Hosted by the good Dr. Karen McGarry, she will be discussing how to

  • Apply, because taking the first step is important.
  • How to approach your professors
  • How to write a letter of interest
  • How to apply for funding, because we all know how expensive education is

The information session will be held on October 8th, from 3-5pm in CNH 607

Grad students will be attending to share their experiences. You will also meet people equally as anxious as you. Hope to see you guys there!

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McMaster Anthropology Society Bake Sale!


Come get your daily dose of diabeetus and see the pretty faces of the MAS exec team for 2014/2015. All proceeds will go toward funding future MAS events, so you won’t get struck down by post-gorging guilt. We will be located in MUSC across the COMPASS booth from 10:00-3:30. We promise good things.

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End of term stress got you feeling peckish?

Come to the MAS bake sale tomorrow in the Student Centre, across from Compass.

We promise good things.

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