Local Field Schools

For those of you looking to get some archaeology experience in without having to write a resume falsely claiming you uncovered a lost and little-known tomb in South America, the Ontario Archaeological Society has a page dedicated to volunteer and field school opportunities that they keep up to date. All entries are local (they may send you somewhere, but the information and administration are nearby) and contain contact information.


One thought on “Local Field Schools

  1. I don’t think that any archaeology student needs a fake resume to get on an excavation. A lot of researchers are overjoyed to have an extra pair of hands trowelling away in the trenches, even if the person those hands are attached to has only classroom training. If a student already has some experience, he or she can even GET PAID to dig by doing some contract digs with a CRM company. As a student, if someone wanted to get on an excavation abroad, they don’t have to go the archaeotourism route and shell out a thousand bucks. At most you should only have to pay for your transportation, food and accommodations (if you’re lucky just transportation).

    A good thing about the OAS list though is, as you’ve said, the contacts are all local, so you know who you’d be working for and the quality and conditions of the dig are most likely to be good.

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