Undergraduate Research Symposium – Call for Papers!

It’s the best time of the year!

If you’ve written an anthropology paper you’re proud of, and that paper involves original research, you should definitely present at our annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. Faculty, staff, graduate students and undergraduate students gather for an afternoon of presentations.

What would you have to do?

  • If presenting a paper, prepare a 10-15 minute presentation on your research.
  • It will include your thesis/research questions, steps, research, findings, and conclusion.
  • Answer questions from the audience.

If you don’t want to present in front of a group, you are also allowed to turn your paper into a poster. There will be a designated time for viewing posters, and for the authors to answer questions about their research.

Presenting gives you public speaking experience and looks great on your CV.

If you want to submit a paper or a poster, email the abstract to mas@mcmaster.ca.

The submission deadline is February 22, 2011. The Symposium will be held March 22, 2011.


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