March 22: Undergraduate Symposium

Tomorrow is the annual Undergraduate Symposium!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
MUSC 311/313

1:30 Introductions by Dr. Tina Moffat, Undergrad Director of Anthropology
1:40 Astra Ambrister: The Queen Conch in Bahamian Society
2:00 Lori D’orentenzio: Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis of
European Glass Trade Beads from the Collection.
2:20 Jen Vander Vecht: Crisis of Trade Paper
2:40 Marta Montero: Collective Memory in Anthropology

3:00-3:30 break for posters
Ana-Maria Dragomir: Myth in Romanian Folklore
Katharine Zagar: Performance, Place and the Archaeologist
Mac Armstrong: RBG poster
Kelly Brown: Abu Hureyra: Obsidian EDXRF Chemical Characterization
Julie Edwards and Elizabeth Ouellette: McMaster Field School 2010

3:40 Melinda Spry: HIV/ AIDS and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
4:00 Nathan Garrett: Biopolitics
4:20 Kelly Brown: In Search of an Ethical Archaeology: Politics,
Responsibility and Stewardship

Refreshments will be provided, and you can drop in whenever you like.

See you there!


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