Field School Information

Hello all you budding archaeologists!!

If you, or someone you know, is interested in partaking in a field school in the Summer of 2012, check out this link:

The Center offers various field schools (all in Romania) including:
– Bronze Age
– Iron Age
– Roman
– Osteological workshops

Check it out if you’re interested, and remember…grant application are available!


2 thoughts on “Field School Information

  1. Hi all,
    You should definitely check out these digs and the osteological workshops. I’m Romanian and lived there for most of my life. Just felt the need to tell you that the places where the schools are organized are absolutely beautiful. I used to travel around there a lot, and would love to hear that some of you guys got to see it. Check out Experiential Education for funding opportunities. Cheers. Ana-Maria (Mara).

  2. re. FIELD SCHOOL: There is also a field school Trent University for Maya archaeology in Belize, in the exciting 2012 field season! We teach excavation techniques such as: mapping, setting up excavation units, top planning, profiling, illustrating. We also teach how to Survey, as well as lab, catalogue techneques. For further information go here:

    We have had many mac students (including myself) go as a field school student and end up returning staff. We also have some from mac that will be attending as field school students the 2012 session.

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