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Another interesting blog that you can follow through the American Anthropological Association.

Welcome to the AAA Blog

This post is written by Rebecca Garvoille.

ENGAGEMENT—a new blog published by the Anthropology & Environment Society—features compelling, first-hand accounts by anthropologists and other social scientists whose work directly addresses pressing social and environmental problems.

AES is pleased to announce the publication of our second post, “Getting Goats,” in which Dr. Carolyn Lesorogol (Washington University) takes us to northern Kenya for a look at her work promoting sustainable development among Samburu pastoralists. This post follows Brandon Nida’s account of his work as an anti-mining organizer in West Virginia. Upcoming contributors include Dvera Saxton on the local food movement in California, Tom Sheridan on ranching and conservation in the American West, Jim Igoe on the greening of uranium and Paige West on the broader impacts of her new book on the social world of coffee.

For more information on ENGAGEMENT or to submit a contribution, please contact blog editors Rebecca Garvoille…

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