4 Design Tips, For Awesome Research Posters

Welcome to the AAA Blog

Today’s guest blog post is by AAA member, Ashkuff.

Name’s Ashkuff, and I’m a business anthropologist. Part of my job involves conducting solid academic research, and presenting it in a slick and business-savvy way. I honed my design skills while running the marketing committee at UF’s Office of Multicultural & Diversity Affairs, and I learned about poster presentations through trial-and-error at various conferences. After my poster presentation at American Anthropological Association’s (AAA) 110th conference in Montreal, AAA invited me to guest blog about anthropology and communication. Shortly afterward, colleagues started asking me to help them design their research posters, giving me the chance to perfect my designs even more.

Based on that experience, I want to offer anthropologists four design tips for research posters!


Have one clearly-defined goal for your poster. Vague goals make themselves difficult to pursue. Multiple goals overwhelm each other. Instead, decide upon one…

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