Trying to deviate from just posting event updates and so on, I believe that the McMaster Anthropology website should also post compelling and interesting articles related to the field of Anthropology (this includes all the sub-disciplines) and also the works from individuals from our own faculty. My goal is to keep the website up to date with current events in order to highlight the relevance of Anthropology as a field in contemporary society. If you have any ideas or things you would like to showcase, message me through the website or through the McMaster Anthropology Facebook page and I’ll post it depending on whether or not it can be deemed relevant or appropriate (yes, I know pretty much censorship, but this endeavour has to be regulated to some degree because of it’s association with the school). So first off, I’d like to post a link to an awesome article by Sophie Kleeman on the Ebola outbreak and how it highlights a number of relevant concepts such as the idea of the “Other” or “West vs. Rest” and goes on how to explain how the media frames the situation around these concepts.

source: André Carrilho

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