Kim Kardashian’s Butt: Groundbreaking or routine?


(Retrieved from×533.jpg)

A recent opinion piece posted on The Grio ( highlighted Jean-Paul Goude’s recent work with Kim Kardashian and their attempt to ‘Break the internet’. Seemingly risqué endeavours done by the entertainment industry’s biggest stars often have a polarizing effect on people, particularly on Facebook (particularly my Facebook). But as people argue about the ‘historical’ nature or the morality behind this shoot, Telusma brings up important questions regarding the previous works of this photographer and his fascination with the ‘Otherness’, and how his works perpetuate the idea of exoticness and the fetishism behind it. As many people celebrate the progress of women and race relations, particularly in the last 50 years, their is a growing sense of security and overconfidence in our abilities to detect racism and sexism in our society which has resulted in a ridiculous level of complacency and sometimes denial of these issues. Hence, it is our responsibility to detect these nuanced(or in this case, blatant) examples of sexism and racism. As we celebrate the financial success of women such as Kim Kardashian who have manipulated society and have built financial empires on literally their backsides, when we consider that the interest in her body is rooted in the same curiosity that turned a woman into a museum display, we must ask ourselves who is exploiting who?


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