Being apart of the anthropology discipline opens up a world of opportunities for students offering them a well rounded education and new ways to think. Check in with some of our student testimonials about the benefits anthropology and even being apart of the MAS bring.

Being apart of the MAS has allowed me to gain confidence and excel in my academic studies. Furthermore, it has helped in building numerous relationships both academic and non-academic with others in the anthropological discipline, including faculty members.
-Carolynn Chennery

Being a part of the MAS has allowed me opportunities to gain invaluable leadership skills, while having a say in my programs undergraduate student experience
-Stephanie Arlt

The MAS has been great for getting to know others and make friends in my program who help and encourage me in my journey through undergrad and I know that they will continue to support me after my time at McMaster.
-Mara Benjamin

Joining MAS has really turned the university experience into something more than just being a student with a grade. It’s a great starting point to learn about field schools, the faculty, and more about volunteering in the anthropology labs. Honestly, it’s just made the program feel all the more inclusive.
-Alicia Chang

Being a part of the MAS has allowed me to get to know my peers better (through my constant class announcements) as well as the faculty.  I wanted to be able to talk about my research interests and hear about other’s and being a part of the MAS has allowed me to interact with so many people. I also feel a lot more confident about approaching professors for help because I’ve been able to get to know them outside of a class structure.
-Abbie Kingston

Being apart of the MAS has brought me closer together with other students in the field of Anthropology, making new friends and allowing for opportunities to become more personally acquainted with professors in the department. Also, gives Anthropology students a space to feel more social and involved, while on campus.
-Amanda Macdonald

Joining MAS not only allowed me to connect with the other anthropology undergraduates here at McMaster, but also opened my eyes to the endless opportunities that the McMaster anthropology department offers. Whether that is volunteering in the physical anthropology or zoo archaeology labs, working first hand with one of the professors, or finding out about the latest greatest field school MAS makes these things x20 more accessible for you as a student.
-Allison Loveridge

Being a part of the MAS has allowed me to become more involved in the school community and has made me more aware of the various events and opportunities that are offered by both the Department of Anthropology and the Anthropology society.
-Caitlyn Borth

Being apart of the MAS has brought me together with other students that are in the same program as me.The MAS also helps me know about Anthropology Events that are coming up, which is a fun experience and a place to meet professors.
-Angelo Vivona

Being a member of the MAS has allowed me to be proactive in my education. In addition it has allowed me to make connections within the Anthropology Department in addition to the McMaster community.
-Danielle Crecca