Field School Opportunities

Searching for a hands on anthropological experience? Check out our list of various field school opportunities and the Experiential Education office within McMaster for funding opportunities!

 Interdisciplinary Global Health Field course

The focus is on determinants of health—the social, religious, epidemiological, economic, technological, legal, and gender issues that impact birth, pregnancy, women’s health, and the health of newborns and children.  Students learn global health in cultural context, so they also receive intensive language training in Moroccan colloquial Arabic and learn about Islam, history, and anthropology.

Himalayan Health Exchange
Medical and visual anthropology field school in the Himalayas working with a monastic population. There is an option to shadow a physician during the trip.

Isla Mujeres Ethnographic Field School
Dedicated to the professionalization of ethnographic research and the training of students on how to conduct ethical, meaningful and professional research. Our mission is to train ethnographers that we are confident in and that we know can get the job done. Be it future graduate school research or projects for employers. Our trained ethnographers can tackle a research project from beginning to end with confidence, experience and know-how.

Conservation and Restoration of Ancient Pottery and Glass Pack

Off The Beaten Track
The structure of the field school is one of open-ended pursuit of ethnographic study. For those students that desire more direction individual or group seminars are offered to place structure around your individual research project.  

Backpacking with a Purpose (Operation Groundswell) – Ghana Global Health
Get the big picture on rural and urban health issues and examine the underlying conditions that cause them by contributing to local health initiatives. Hike to the border of Togo and then up to the highest waterfall in West Africa while staying in the mountain village of Wli. Walk the dusty red paths in northern rural Ghana and learn about healthcare on the ground in remote areas of the region. Confer with the National Control Program for HIV/AIDS and meet our inspiring partners at the Orthopedic Training Center in Nsawam.

Transylvania Bioarchaeology

Institute for Tropical Ecology and Conservation

The Open School of Ethnography and Anthropology (OSEA) Maya Health, Healing & Belief Program
Health, Healing & Belief is available in 6 or 4 week program
Participants in the Maya Health and Healing Program do individual or team research in an ongoing ethnographic study of medical pluralism in the context of tourism driven globalization. This research project is an investigation of how Maya negotiate their own contradictory beliefs and attitudes about the efficacy of Maya healing practices and Western allopathic medicine.  Specifically, the research program focuses on how Maya individuals and families envision health through practices of food preparation, consumption, and natural home remedies, choose among different types of healing and medical practitioners when ill, and experience illness in terms of spiritual and/or biomedical disease. 

Internship with Texas State Forensic Anthropology department
The Forensic Anthropology Center at Texas State (FACTS) is pleased to offer an unpaid, non-credit summer internship for non-Texas State students. Interns will be expected to reside in the San Marcos area for the duration of the internship. The Internship will run for a minimum of one month from May 30, 2016. While partaking in this internship you will be assisting with daily operations of FACTS, assisting with FACTS short courses, processing skeletal remains, and assisting with curation of skeletal remains into the Texas State Donated Skeletal Collection. Other tasks are, but not limited to, the donation program, data management, and daily tasks assigned by the supervisor. Advanced students may also assist with Operation Identification, which is working to identify the remains of undocumented border crossers that are found in Texas. 

Field Projects
Field Projects International hosts field courses at multiple field sites across the world, with a focus on wildlife biology and ecology. If you like the outdoors, and want to learn more about tropical rainforest research, look no further – you’re in the right spot.

For more field school opportunities please look further into these avenues, or even google!

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